Documentary film by Klára Tasovská and Lukáš Kokeš about a country that doesn't exist

Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. Imagine a space where the time has frozen. The time’s stopped and life’s been stuck in a shape resembling the era of Soviet Union. Somehow, people got used to the reign of the secret police and the fear of being spied on. Soviet-style propaganda of the authoritative, power-based regime of the president Igor Smirnov turns most of the PMR residents into obedient workmen, who don’t question principles of the system they live in. Smirnov has been leading this non-existing country for as long as twenty years. The film focuses on a couple of characters being stuck in this geo-political gap, in between the European Union and Russia, in between the present and the past, crime and decency, decadence and hope for change. Framed by the time of presidential election, the film analyzes the organization of “no-state” and the rules of a regular life within.